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    Products Details

    Flat Bag

    Product introduction

    Color : A variety of colors

    Packaging layer : transport packaging

    Supply type : Customizable

    Technology : hot, cold cut

    Uses : general purpose packaging, food bag, shopping bag, clothing bag, gift bag, container bag, jewelry bag, cosmetic bag, mobile phone bag, bedding bag, daily necessities bag, garbage bag, clothing bag

    Plastic varieties : LDPE,HDPE,

    [Customization details] : According to the needs and requirements of customers: bag materials, specifications, styles, printing and different processes.

    [price] : due to the material, size, quantity, printing and other differences, the price also depends on the specific goods.

    [Custom process] : Inquiry: Please quote the materials, specifications, printing patterns and production quantity that need to be made. We will quote you the exact price according to your requirements, preferably with pictures.

    [About plastic bags] : Plastic bags are colorful, bright, fashionable and environmental friendly. Widely used, beautiful and generous, patterns and styles vary, and easy to take quality, low price,

    It has a longer service life than paper bags and can be recycled. It is the most widely used packaging product in various industries at present.

    You can print your own company and product LOGO, as advertising bags. Welcome customers to call to sample order!